Our journey to the Vegan Van probably began a lot like yours, with food in mind. We made our way to the Civic Center, spotted the Vegan Van, and hurried over to get in line. Manning the window and the kitchen was one special lady, Amie Arias. We didn’t know it at the time, but Amie and the Vegan Van would become a very important part of our lives. 


During the summer of 2013, Vegan Van was killin’ it and eventually Amie decided that she needed some help. That's where our real journey began. Our time in the truck with Amie was incredible. We learned a lot, we laughed even more, and we realized how much we love making and serving vegan food. That’s why, when Amie decided to move on to pastures new, we jumped at the opportunity to carry on Vegan Van’s legacy. 


Fast forward to today and we are the proud owners of the Vegan Van. Who are we? We are two colorado natives who started our vegan journey over 5 years ago. Our involvement in the vegan community began in 2012 with a vegan advocacy group, Plants and Animals, where we cooked for a community dinner called Chomp. This is where our passion for cooking developed and where we met many amazing vegan chefs who still inspire us today. 


Things have changed a lot since then, for us, and for Vegan Van. However our values remain the same. Our menu is still, and will always be, 100% vegan. We will source locally whenever possible and we will remain conscious of our impact on the environment, and of course, our impact on the animals.